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mesh belt furnace

Posted by wyd1014 
mesh belt furnace
July 25, 2022 07:26AM
The mesh belt furnace is generally a sintering furnace in which the parts are continuously conveyed in the furnace by the mesh belt protected by the muffle. It is mainly used for the sintering of powder metallurgy products and the reduction of metal powders and the pre-firing, firing or heat treatment of electronic products in a protective atmosphere or air.The importance of vacuum heat treatment of medical devices
RC type mesh belt type hot air circulation tempering furnace
It is suitable for tempering of bearings, nails and mechanical parts after carburizing and quenching. RC type mesh belt type hot air circulation tempering furnace
It can also be used for heating before blackening (surface treatment process) Equipped with a powerful fan to force air circulation to achieve a consistent temperature in the furnace. Straight rod heating elements are easy to repair and replace. The mesh belt runs smoothly with stepless speed regulation.Vacuum Heat Treatment of Hand Hacksaw Blades
NB type mesh belt brazing furnace production line
NB series mesh belt type continuous brazing furnace production line is the equipment for continuously brazing aluminum products with non-corrosive flux under nitrogen protection conditions. It is suitable for brazing of aluminum products such as condensers, evaporators, radiators, and intercoolers under the protection of nitrogen. Rated power: 240-600KW, rated temperature 700℃. The production line consists of liquid storage tank, continuous flux spraying device, drying furnace, front chamber, brazing furnace, water cooling chamber, rear chamber, air cooling chamber, discharge table, intake and exhaust pipes, electrical control system, etc. Wave spring vacuum heat treatment
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