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What category are you watching?

Posted by seylen 
What category are you watching?
May 21, 2023 08:29PM
What category of porn do you watch? Share what you like and what appeals to you in this category

I love interracial group porn. It's my fantasy that will never come true in real life. I would never consent to that because I love a boyfriend, but I like to fantasize about it.
Re: What category are you watching?
May 22, 2023 05:43AM
Once I read in an article by a psychotherapist that fantasies remain a fantasy. Of course, some should be realized, and some should remain just a fantasy. For example, if you're sure that the realization will have a bad effect on your condition and life, it's better to leave the wish in the dream. I watch the 9xmovies category. Lately, I don't even look at what else is out there besides that because everything is fine. I like traditional sex that doesn't look fake.
Re: What category are you watching?
May 23, 2023 09:16AM
I don't have any special requirements for porn. I can watch almost all categories and don't bother choosing videos. The most important thing for me is that the video should be of good quality.
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