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In Pokemon Sword and Shield How to find the Dojo Uniform

Posted by Candy 
In Pokemon Sword and Shield How to find the Dojo Uniform
August 28, 2021 06:08AM
Go to the dojo of sword and shield
First, the player must go to the dojo on the island. After leaving the station, they need to go east and cross the bridge. The large dojo is right in front of this bridge and should not be missed. At this time, you can choose to buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon. Before players can go anywhere, they will first be challenged by their new opponent to this expansion; Avery is a psychic trainer for Swords, and Kara is a poison trainer for Shield.

Defeat the mustard in the sword and shield
After entering the dojo, the player will be welcomed by its master, Mustard. Again, they can choose to look around before doing so. Just like before, Mustard's Pokemon will change as the player enters the main story. He has a Mienfoo, a combat type, and a Shinx, an electric type.

These are un-evolved Pokemon and can be easily defeated as before. So, players like to Buy Shiny Pokemon For Sale. After defeating him, Mustard will give the Uniform Dojo for players, and they will automatically equip it. All other students in the dojo are wearing uniforms, so the players will fit well. From there, they will continue the trials in the expanded story.
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