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This maze isnt exactly the exact same every time

Posted by Kingang 
This maze isnt exactly the exact same every time
March 03, 2021 07:00AM
Hay my name is jake and I recently got level 99 construction. While working my way to level 99 construction I was struck by a barrage of ideas that OSRS gold would enhance the construction ability. Construction Suggestions: You can kick single players out of the house. The cause of this is when I choose to get a wonderful house party and I need everyone to appreciate my home along with the game. Unfortunately some people simply can't act. Most of us know what I mean about it. Individuals that are rude, and people who decide to use bug abuse and obstruct the dungeon doors under so players are suck the cage. This compels me to kick all of us from the house and to reset the house by re-entering. This is very annoying.

Stairs can lead upstairs and down stairs. E.g. 3 stairs in a row. One at dungeon one above on 1st floor afterward one on second floor. (Not just 1 way up or down.) You can delete the costume space while having items saved init. You don't have to destroy items on by one. If you do and then rebuilt the costume area they reappear if they are saved at dingo which is quite useless. Items that Old school rs gold may not be stored then there should be a warning message that they will be sent to the lender. Additionally, I discovered that bug reports never show up in the box. Maybe update this so it dose. This could be quite beneficial.
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